Tips For Conducting an Effective Reference Check

Tips For Conducting an Effective Reference Check

Once candidates are shortlisted after an interview, employers select the best individuals so that they can be the future assets of the organization and contribute towards the growing development of the company. While doing this, many companies conduct reference checks so that they can know about the various skills and the abilities about the persons who are to be hired. One cannot solely rely upon the reference given by a third party. In case the companies are not satisfied with reference checks they can even ask the employee to leave. A recent survey conducted by OfficeTeam of more than one thousand senior managers found out that one in every five employees were removed from their respective work places as the employer was not satisfied with the response of the reference as mentioned by the candidate in his or her resume. While conducting a reference check, one has to keep in mind some important factors. It is to be conducted very cleverly so that the reference gives the accurate information about the employee. Applying few of the below mentioned tips can help you to get vital information about the employee from his or her reference. Tip 1: Introduce yourself to the concerned person, describe your role, the name of the company from where you are calling and finally tell then the reason that the call is being made in order to gain certain information about a person whom you are about to hire.

Tip 2: If the person is busy then you should ask him or her the best time to speak or fix a schedule when you can have a conversation. Doing this will make the person feel that you value his or her valuable time. Tip 3: Once, the reference has given all the required details it is necessary to tell him or her that all the information given by him will be kept private and will not be disclosed to anyone under any kind of circumstances. Tip 4: If the conversation with the reference proves to be fruitful, then you should always explain the role you are hiring the potential candidate for. The benefit of this is that you will be able to understand whether the candidate is fit for the role or not. In some cases, the reference may also disclose certain areas of weakness or skills where the candidate lacks behind. Tip 5: Last and the most important thing is, during the course of the conversation you should never interrupt the person. It is better to be patient and listen to him or her until and unless she completes. If you have some important questions to ask, you can always ask questions at the end of the conversation. There are many companies that offer referral check services in India. These companies investigate the reference given by any candidate in the interview and ensure that the information is true by contacting with the reference either through phone or email. Many companies today take help of various investigating agencies to be double sure that the right candidate is hired.

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