Top 5 reasons people become lawyers

It’s well known that a career in law is a well respected and prestigious one. But from the outside looking in, why does 7 years of additional education, long working hours, exposure to horrific stories and crimes on a daily basis as well as a huge student loan debt appeal to so many people?

It’s an interesting question – most lawyers say that if they had to choose their profession again, they would still choose law. So, why do so many people choose this path? Read on for 5 reasons why people become lawyers.

You can make a difference

Whether you’re helping a family and their children, working in corporate law or you’re helping a victim of sexual assault to get a conviction – check out this Toronto sexual assault lawyer if you’re looking for representation – ask any lawyer why they do what they do, and the fact that they can make a difference every single day is certainly a standout reason. You don’t get in touch with a lawyer unless you need help, and every case – no matter how trivial – is important to someone.

The high income

Of course the salary and benefits of working hard and studying even harder is certainly a reason why people choose a law career. This lucrative industry is booming, with plenty of cases to keep even the newest graduates busy and earning plenty of money. In addition, unlike some jobs there’s always the potential to earn more. If you become specialised in a certain area of law then you can charge more for your services and even more for your experience.

It’s a noble profession

All lawyer jokes aside – and I’m sure they know them all by now – a career in law is considered a prestigious one. This noble profession is all about helping others and seeking justice. Not just anyone can become a lawyer, it takes patience, dedication and an additional, advanced education. You’re the person that people turn to for advice, and it doesn’t take long for you to become a pillar of your local community.

No two days are the same

If you’re looking for interesting work that varies from day to day, then a career in law might be for you. Every single case is unique, even if they’re within the same field of law. You get to meet people from all walks of life with all kinds of stories and backgrounds, professions and histories. You get to liaise with important government officials and other academics like yourself and even though you’re working long hours, one thing is for sure: you’ll never get bored.


Work towards your having your own law firm and you can continue to work for as long as you like. Most lawyers continue to work well after retirement age because they have a passion for the law industry. It really is a way of life. You can even switch internal career paths as you get more experience, for example changing from criminal law to family law. Not forgetting the fact that you can be a lawyer anywhere in the world. Who knows where this career could take you.

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