The Legal Obligations After Getting Involved In A Nevada Car Accident

One of the most critical lessons that most drivers never take the time to understand and implement fully is how to act after an accident. On the one hand, no one ever goes about their days expecting to be involved in an accident as these unfortunate scenarios occur at the least expected minute. Still, on the other hand, there is the necessity of having the know-how on what to do if you ever get involved in a road accident. In the United States, there are general laws that are implemented across all states when it comes to car accidents, but as a driver, it is vital to know the state-specific rules for ease in abiding by the legal requirements.

If you are in Nevada, once you get involved in an accident, there are five legal duties that must be adhered to by all drivers. These duties are;

  1. Stop the car immediately and proceed to reach out to the other driver to exchange contact and insurance information
  2. Always move out of traffic, but only if it is safe to do so
  3. Check if anyone is injured and help them. For severe injuries immediately call the ambulance.
  4. Notify the police about the accident
  5. Report all serious accidents to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle

These are the basics for any driver in the state, and while one might be traumatized from the sudden turn of events, keeping calm and calling the Nevada Highway patrol will avoid a lot of unwanted issues. On the bright side, the police and emergency health service providers are always quick to reply to such emergencies. A rule of the thumb is to avoid trying to flee the scene of the accident regardless of whether you consider yourself to be on the wrong. This is because you are likely to be charged with the crime of hit and run, which can be a misdemeanor if it only resulted in property damages or a category B felony if someone was injured or dies.

Car accidents that result in expensive property damages, injuries of the victims, or unwanted death often lead to lots of complications that are never easy to resolve. No driver ever wants to be on the wrong, and insurance companies are equally never at will to easily fork out money for compensations. The result is a tough legal situation that calls for the expertise of legal professionals who have a grasp of Nevada car accident laws to resolve the matter at hand.

As a driver who does not want to end up on the wrong side of the law, the best shot you can take is instantly hiring a car accident attorney after the unfortunate incident. A fact to have in mind is that whether you think you were on the wrong or simply an innocent victim of the other driver’s actions, an attorney is a must-have partner in virtually all cases. Finally, since Nevada utilizes comparative negligence laws, a good defense that will stand up for your rights is the only practical way to avoid trumped-up charges or receive minimum compensations for the great losses.

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