DWI Lawyer Rochester, NY Special Report: Why you need to Hire Specialized Lawyers to Handle DWI Cases

If you have been charged with DUI or DWI and everything about the case is relatively simple and straightforward, it might be a waste of time and money to hire a lawyer that specializes in driving under the influence cases. But the law in this country regarding DWI is very complicated and every situation is different, the circumstances, the facts, even the way to approach the case is different in every case.

That is why it is very hard for an average Joe who does not have any legal knowledge, training or experience to know if they have a viable defense or how they can minimize the consequences of the case. And an oversight or a simple mistake when handling the situation can lead to a result that is not favorable to the driver and could easily be avoided.

Whether you hire a private DWI lawyer or a public legal counsel, you are better off with a DWI lawyer than entering the courtroom without a dependable legal counsel besides you. In this article, we will answer some questions and some issues that you need to consider before deciding to hire legal representation.

Private lawyers over public defender

Usually, people with DWI cases who don’t have the extra cash for a private legal counsel are entitled to get an attorney appointed by the court. Public lawyers are legal counsels that came from the public defender’s office. But if there is no available public attorney, the court will appoint private lawyers that are paid by the government to represent people with criminal cases that don’t have the right budget to hire a private attorney.

These legal counsels are called “panel attorney.” Indigent defendants always complain about not getting the right and enough attention from the proper agencies, especially from lawyers that the court appointed to help them. These court-appointed legal counsels, most especially the public attorneys, are always busy.

To know more about public lawyers in the United States, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_defender_(United_States).

That is why it is challenging for any defendant to get one-on-one time with a court-appointed legal counsel. But for cases in regards to driving under the influence, there is another issue with court-appointed attorneys that could put you in a more significant disadvantage.

ADWI arrest can lead to two separate court proceedings: a criminal case and administrative procedures with the DMV or the Department of Motor Vehicles that can lead to the suspension or cancellation of the defendant’s driver’s license. The public lawyer appointed by the court can handle your criminal case, but they are not that adept at when it comes to DMV cases.

Hiring a private DWI lawyer

In most places, some lawyers can and would handle driving under the influence cases. That is why finding and choosing the right defender can be very difficult. Of course, there is no perfect formula in finding the right lawyer that will handle your DWI case, but listed below are some suggestions you might consider to help you with hiring the best legal counsel as possible.

DWI lawyers

All lawyers can represent you in DUI cases, but these kinds of situations need a lawyer that specializes in handling these kinds of cases. These lawyers focus on defending DUI cases. If you hire these lawyers, there is a big chance that you can win your case instead of appointing legal counsels that are not specialized in facing this kind of case.

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It is not always the number of time lawyers handle DWI cases is the best measure of the legal counsel’s quality of work. But the experience is still a significant factor that you need to consider. Attorneys with more or less three years of experience in handling DWI cases will have a good idea on what to do as well as what works and what does not work in the courts and the Department of Motor Vehicle.

Plea bargain agreement and trials

Most driving under the influence cases ends up having the defendant accepted a plea bargain. The legal counsel’s skills and knowledge can come into play when it comes to getting a good plea deal for their clients. But if you want to put your fate into the country’s justice system and put your case in front of a judge, you might want to hire an attorney with a lot of battle experience under their belt.