3 Topics to Cover With a Car Accident Lawyer

There are six million car accidents on average every year in the United States. Unless there is zero chance of any injury, which is rare if you read below, you may want to consult an Ellenton car accident lawyer. Many people who have been in car accidents are surprised by everything involved, and how long it takes to recover. Here are the issues commonly associated with car accidents, so be sure to cover these topics thoroughly with your lawyer.

Physical and Emotional Injury  

Three million people are injured from car accidents every year, two million of which retain permanent damage. Even if the injuries aren’t visible, the jolt alone can cause internal damage that may lead to a series of pains and malfunctions over the years. It is not advisable to downplay injuries. Many people involved in accidents also develop post-traumatic stress disorder that may inhibit them from driving or even being in a car. This anxiety can carry over into other aspects of their life, and it may take months or years to reset the central nervous system.

Financial Hardship  

Car accidents can be life-altering for financial health too. Ambulance rides and doctor bills come in the mail at a seemingly endless trickle, and supplies from the pharmacy like ointments and ace bandages add up. Auto insurance rates will most likely rise, even for parties who are not at fault. Depending on the seriousness of the injuries, car accident victims may also miss time at work, possibly putting them in a double negative. Finally, car repairs or replacement cars are typically in the thousands of dollars.

Loss of Transportation  

The majority of Americans, own at least one car and use it to go everywhere, even if it’s just down the street. Some people have a back-up vehicle, but others will need to arrange a rental while their car is at the mechanic. If it is totaled, factor in the expense of purchasing a new one. If the automobile is new or expensive, even if the mechanic fully repairs it, a dealership will not give you the full value since it was involved in an accident. In this instance, the car owner will want to talk to a lawyer about depreciating the car’s value.

Being in a car accident is unpleasant but unfortunately common. Consulting a lawyer in these cases is always advisable to ensure the best results to get your life back on track.