3 Things Litigation Lawyers Can Do for You

Many people think that litigation lawyers and trial lawyers are one in the same, but that is often not the case. A litigator is a specialist in crafting a legal action for the whole case, while a trial attorney often excels inside the courtroom but has the paralegal and junior associates handle the remainder of the case. Many trial lawyers are found dealing with personal injury or criminal cases because they can oversee a team of individuals that preps the case for trial. The attorney can then makes court appearances or get the case settled. A litigator, on the other hand, works the whole case. Here are some examples of what a litigation lawyer can do for you.



The initial work of a trial lawyer from a litigation law firm Bel-Nor Missouri, often begins with the investigation of the case to see if it has merit. This sometimes includes the use of private investigators, witnesses, and scene reconstruction. The search for supporting data canalso includes gathering documents, sorting through computer files, and watching closed circuit television tapes. When the case proves to have a foundation, the litigator often holds a pre-litigation discussion about the settlement terms.


Depositions, interrogatories, and various motions are only a small part of the preparation steps taken by the litigation attorney and his team. During this preparation period, missing documents can be requested, financials included, and expert witnesses can be located that can support the litigant’s case during the trial. If the opposing side is stubborn, information can be compelled, and a deadline given. When all the case information has been gathered, the attorney can begin identifying problems and formulating a strategy to win the case.


The beginning of the litigation process typically starts with a pre-trial conference before the judge, who then takes managerial rights over the case. Depositions of key witnesses and case experts are often taken during the month before the trail, and exhibits are prepared with motions asking for their admissibility. During the week prior to trial, there are many hours of meetings to secure both the strengths and weakness of the case as arguments are crafted that can persuade the court. With the calling of the jury, the trial officially begins.

Your litigation attorney can manage the whole case for you, from the first interview to the final decision by the court. No matter the nature of the legal dispute, he or she will be on your side fighting for your case to prevail.