Malta Company Formation – What You Need to Know

There are many reasons for business minds to come to Malta and open their companies. It has a variety of tax relaxations that these individuals cannot enjoy in their countries or anywhere in the world. However, you have to know about company formation rules, regulations, and conditions before you arrive here and think of incorporating a company. Let’s get to know these regulations in detail.

Forming a Company in Malta – Basic Information

Malta company formation is an easier process than you might imagine. You will be surprised to know that your company can be registered in the company in just 48 hours. However, you will need the help of professional services to take care of all the documentation and procedural requirements for that to happen.

You can set up a company that’s either Public Limited Liability or Private Limited Liability. You should know the pros and cons of each before you pick a specific business structure. You have to ensure that your shareholders agree to the MoA (memorandum of association) because that’s one of the requirements of the registration process.

Other important things you need at the time of registration include the name of your company, contact details of the secretary and directors of the company. You will have to disclose why you are starting the company and what industry you will be serving.

Your company needs to have a registered office in the country. More importantly, you have to know about the minimum share capital requirements that are different from private and public companies. The shareholder, director, and secretary requirements are also in place depending on the company type you choose to set up.

You are highly recommend to use professional services to form your company and register it within the country if you want to keep away from documentation and other lengthy registration procedures.

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